Thursday, 9 September 2010

Celebrity Home: Angela Lansbury

London born actress Angela Lansbury, well known for her role in the film Murder, She Wrote, had her house built in the southeast coast in County Cork, Ireland. She appointed Stephen Pearce to make a traditional farmhouse. A serene and inviting home. And here I quote part of the AD article which I found interesting:

The white, one-story structure with the slate roof is timeless in its rudimentary simplicity yet almost modern in its abstraction. Walls bow slightly, as though they had settled over time. “ It sits there like a loaf of bread,” says Lansbury.
“ We didn’t want to bring stuff over from London,” she says. “ We wanted to use Irish materials—Irish wood crafted by Irish woodworkers, and Irish linen. The draperies are horse blankets.” The ceramics were potted by Pearce.

She confirms the architectural simplicity by leaving the white walls bare. “ My husband never let me hang pictures because, he said, the windows are the pictures,” she recalls. “ The weather here changes the light so dramatically on the walls that you feel you’ re on a set. It’ s an artist’s dream house, full of lightness and brightness. It’s roomy, but it still feels cozy. It envelops me.”


Lansbury in the entrance. Love those floors, rustic and warm.

Every room is traditional Irish except for the size of the main room.

In the kitchen, a long dining table takes the spotlight, allowing meals to be made and enjoyed in the same space.

A serene master bedroom is tucked at the end of the first-floor hall.

The courtyard is protected from heavy winds. “I thought the roof would go in the first gale, so I strapped it down with steel. We’ve had 120-mile-an-hour winds, and the roof is still on,” says Pearce.

I find it extremely hard to find a celebrity house that I like, let alone love. I really love this one. What about you?

Photographs by Derry Moore
All images and information from Architectural Digest.

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  1. Exactly what I would expect from a classic like Ms. Lansbury. Just beautiful...thanks for sharing your find!

  2. Oh I LOVE this one!! I will have to try to remember to show this to my hubby. A. Lansbury was in one of our all time favorite movies called the Court Jester with Danny Kaye. She always makes me smile. I love the airy feeling and the clean purity of the home and the light wood tones too!

  3. Wow pooor Angela :-)
    I really like this house is so cosy!

  4. I saw the film Murder, She Wrote when I was a child and I was completly fascinated by Angela Lansbury. It's funny because this week I spoke with some friends about this film and where was Ms. Lansbury nowdays. It was a good surprise to find it here in her beautiful house. She's like on the film, she didn't get old. Thank you for this post.

  5. Meravigliosa casa.
    Rispecchia l'eleganza e l'essenzialità di questa talentuosa attrice che amo molto :-)
    Grazie di averci fatto entrare nella sua intimità !
    Cia Kifus.

  6. Beautiful house and i love that the architectural details of the facade were kept simple. I mean look at the setting; the house doesn't need to compete with that at all. Lovely feature and lovely blog.

  7. Love the exterior! Love the gorgeous floor. Love how warm and comfortable. She's terrific!

  8. I just love Angela Lansbury. I still watch reruns of Murder she wrote on BBC and love it. When I lived in California and was in my late 40 's I wanted to one day be an independent older lady with all of those qualities: intelligent, kind, warm like Jessica Fletcher had, portrait by Angela.I loved Angela in Death on the Nile.A very curious character Angela is so good at playing, as an old lady. Just so wonderful. I guess Angela's biography( if it is correct) can be found on Wikipedia. Indeed her home is just beautiful. I love her picture in the entrance hall looking out of her window. I downloaded it and keep it to enjoy and look at once in a while. It makes me feel very good that a person like Angela can be a role model for many women. For me at least. I thank her for that.She has my respect and love.

  9. So calming and serene. Wonderful house.


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