Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Summer House in Mallorca

Let's go over to Mallorca, to a place called Sierra de Tramontana. I want to show you this summer house with incredible views. German interior designer Axel Ball used different styles: colonial, rustic, modern and antique to create a soothing and welcoming home. Enjoy!

Very high ceilings in the living room. Look at that painting over the fireplace now, because it will be gone in a while...

Bird's eye view of the living room makes me a bit dizzy but it's nice to see all the details. Mmm painting still there.

Hey! Where has it gone!?

Colonial style canopy beds in the guest rooms.

This is the master bedroom and what seems to be miniature furniture is just a sitting area 5 steps down. You can see this better in the next pic.

View from the balcony upstairs. You can see a small town and the Mediterranean.

If you are tired of looking at the sea, just turn around and enjoy the mountains!

Love the greenery crowning the front porch.

This is the second house on Mallorca I'm featuring. If you liked this one but missed the first go right here. You will not be disappointed.

Until tomorrow, dears!

All images from here.

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  1. I think I live in heaven, John Denver thinks it's in West Virginia (been listening to him lately!), but...I'm thinking THIS is heaven- a view of the mountains and the sea. Gorgeous! So much to love!

  2. just passing to say i love u

  3. My lovelies, I love you too!


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