Thursday, 3 March 2011

Celebrity Home: Sheryl Crow

One of my favourite design magazines, Architectural Digest, featured Sheryl Crow's home in this month's issue.

After not seeing eye to eye with the decorator she had appointed, she decided to go solo and, little by little, guided by intuition she began to fill the rooms herself, taking an unconventional, personal approach to interior design.

Set in Hollywood, there are three homes on her 11-acre property. Sheryl lives with her two sons in the main building which ia a 1926 Spanish Colonial hacienda. Then there's a 1909 Craftsman bungalow; and a 19th-century cottage, used as guesthouses for friends, relatives, and members of her band.

Sheryl by her infinity pool. Gorgeous Hollywood views.

The entrance to the main house.

The beautiful Spanish tile in this stairway is original to the house; the vintage dressmaker’s forms come from the Venice, California, boutique Obsolete.

In the living room, a 19th-century American “boneshaker” bicycle hangs above the fireplace.

A Ginebra sectional sofa and vintage cocktail table and the sea-grass rug in the living room. Ron Pippin’s trophylike 2007 sculpture Deer with Copper Horns is displayed on a wall.

A recamier in the corner of the living room. She bought the small Fred Stonehouse paintings at a gallery in New Orleans.

Terra-cotta floors and subway tiles in the kitchen.

A cabinet stocked with small finds. (Those skulls are rather creepy!)

The library’s club chairs are from a Paris flea market.

Crow with her Yamaha baby grand.

A 1930s light fixture hangs above the antique dining room table, once used in a linen factory.

In a small music room, a Bedford desk and Kilim benches. The guitar is a 2008 reissued Gibson Les Paul.

The master bath’s 1920s pedestal sink and black tilework are original to the house. A Persian carpet covers the floor.

A masculine Spanish look for the master bedroom.

Sheryl found the 3-D picture viewer and sculpted hand at an antiques store in Hudson, New York.

Crow’s canvas pavilion serves as an outdoor living space, complete with a desk, chair, bed, and even electricity.

A tepee in the terraced garden.

A rustic staircase, designed by Crow’s groundskeeper, José Edis Aviles, leads to walking trails that traverse the property.

An arching bridge connects the three houses on the estate.

Aviles also designed and built this palapa overlooking Los Angeles.

If you'd like to read the whole article on Sheryl's home just go here.

All images and information from Architectural Digest.

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  1. la bici del salon será un recuerdo de lance armstrong... ves isa como una bici se puede poner en cualquier sitio

  2. I love the black bathroom tiles with the white sink. I also really like the staircase outside and the two outdoor living spaces. She has so much land! I hope packing books is going well lol!

  3. Beautiful spaces.. I like everything BUT the old bicicle on the fireplace... noooo :-(

  4. Wow! What an amazing home! That infinity pool is incredible and I love those outdoor stairs and bridge! The interior is so beautiful and has a rustic elegance to it. I love the fact that she took over the decorating herself. It makes it so personal! The house really seems to have a lot of light too. Nice post!

  5. Just love her home - somehow I'm not sure it's what I expected her to live in, but it's wonderful. The outdoor pavillion is heavenly!!


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