Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Country House in Spain

There really isn't much to tell about us moving to Peru, but since some of you asked, here it goes!

I'm from Argentina but I've been living in Brazil for 6 years now. We moved here because of my husband's job and now we're moving to Peru for the same reason. I'm not quite sure how long we'll be living there but it will be between 3 and 5 years and then it will be time to move to another (unknown!) country. I'm surely going to miss Brazil as it's one of the most beautiful places one could wish to live in, the people, the weather, the incredible vegetation, so many things... but we have to move on and I know we'll be happy in Peru, too.

So, enough about me, now, and on to show you this simple but inviting country house in Spain. Enjoy the tour white I go box and weigh some more books!

All images from here.

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  1. It's very beautiful!
    Laura from Italy

  2. Do you ever get the feeling that you have sumbled EXACTLY at your style?
    thats what im feeling right now!its as if you are presenting my own house...
    at least my dream house!!!
    i want to print each and every picture you have here and i wish i could go even for a little tour to this house....
    so inspirational,thank you so much for sharing!!!
    chris :)

  3. Ohh Chris, I so know that feeling and it is like a revelation. It has happened to me and the feeling is that you think: this is it! I've finally found it! You don't even have to think about it, you just know.

    So glad Chris, and thanks for letting me know!


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