Thursday, 24 March 2011

House in Washington

Good Friday morning, dears. Today we are visiting Marcia Bond's house located in Spokane, Washington. Marcia worked for 22 years as an interior designer in California and Washington before “retiring” to run two restaurants and a bakery with her husband, William. She likes to combine comfort and a “little bit of theater” when she designs.

Let's take the tour!

The house stands on a hilltop and looks quite unpretentious from the outside.

Double doors salvaged from a French children’s clothing shop open to the foyer. Concrete steps just inside the door lead up to the main living area.

Marcia, happy with her home, poses in the living room.

No walls divide the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Concrete floors finished with a beeswax derivative, unites the large living area with bedrooms, a den, and a corridor-like pantry tucked behind the kitchen. A system of water pipes under the floor warms the house with hydronic radiant heat.

Another view of the Bonds’ large living area; north-facing French doors admit soft morning light.

Furniture groupings define the dining and sitting areas of the large room, while the kitchen is clearly designated by the impressive range hood. A food-themed mural on the sink wall introduces a hint of pattern.

An island with old wood legs shares space with modern stainless-steel cabinets and appliances. A table base—minus the top—that Marcia found chained to a tree at a yard sale was reinvented as the 96x39-inch island. “We needed to make it taller and longer so it wasn’t dwarfed,” Marcia says. The wood base was topped with a large slab of marble, plus a 36-inch stretch of butcher block.

An antique mirror stands against a bedroom wall. Marcia’s grandmother did the petit point on the fauteuil. An old galvanized metal barrel with a glass top serves as a side table.

The vanity top is salvaged marble; the base is made of acrylic poles and decorative lamp parts.

Two old tables slipcovered with khaki water-resistant fabric create an elegant dining surface on the loggia. Chairs came from area garage sales and secondhand shops. The loggia is on the front of the house, but is sheltered by a wisteria canopy and vine-covered courtyard walls.

All images from here.

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  1. So nice seeing you post again! Hope all is settling well in your new home. Have NO idea when I will post again. We have a wedding in May- last daughter- that is consuming both my daytime hours AND my nighttime as well! My brain won't let go at night and let me sleep.And this week we passed 23 months of unemployment, so you can imagine the terror in my mind at that on it's own, much less with a wedding!
    In the meantime, I spend lots of time with my 4 new grandbabies, all of whom are doing fabulously!
    Happy weekend! Oh, and I really like this house! Some people are just uninhibited artists! I need to be a little bit more like that!

  2. I love this home! Thank you for taking the time to show it to us!

    Happy Weekend!



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