Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bright Apartment in Sweden

Good morning, sweets! Come and see this colourful and airy apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. It sits right on the top floor and has beautiful views of the city. Young and cheerful.

Lovely balcony with heaven as its nearest neighbor

Welcome to a home beyond the ordinary!

To the west sits one of Gothenburg's most beautiful churches

... and avhängningsmöjligheter left

Welcoming hallway with bright painted walls

Located at the top with large windows & Space

The living room has light painted walls & dark floor

Lovely living room adorned by an operable. Fireplace

In winter, it is wonderful to be able to burn

Irregular angles lend charm

Nice dining area next to the window in the west

The file with the bedroom you can see the stove

In one corner is a place for a workplace

Behind the bed is a nice wallpaper from Cole & Son

Airy bedroom with plenty of room for the most part

Good storage facilities along the entire wall

If you'd like to see more images just click on today's title to go to the real estate site Alvhem. Don't know what's wrong with blogger but I couldn't add a link here. Remember that once this property is sold the photographs are no longer available.

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  1. beautiful!! for sale? how much? millions I wouldn't be surprised.

  2. Kifus, love this apartment! Living in it must give you a lot of energy, you must feel happy! I love the bright colors of the fabrics and paintings and the white walls!

  3. Oh Kifus what an amazing post, the photo's are so clear I feel like I'm in this lovely apartment! The fire is just divine!!!! Thank you for your lovely message, so kind of you! Warmest wishes - Glenda

  4. Hello Kifus.

    This is so beautiful. thanks to sharing that whit us!


  5. Love this apartment!!
    that balcony and view is perfectly serene! morning coffee to wine in the evening!


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