Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Country Home in Australia

Today, we are going to Australia to visit Alice Barker and her husband Daniel's cottage, built around 1910 and located in Ballarat, Australia’s largest inland city.

Ceramics they bought in Morocco, Turkey and Thailand can be seen displayed in many of the rooms. Blue-and-white china jars and bowls are grouped on a hall table and on the kitchen mantel, while the dining room dresser displays floral patterned teacups and colourful Moroccan pottery. The fireplaces are original.

Alice and Daniel are both keen photographers. In the sitting room, vintage black-and-white photographs share the walls with images from their travels. One of Alice’s treasures, an old Kodak Brownie camera, is displayed on the mantel beside reproduction copies of 1920s postcards from Egypt on a wire stand.

A country home haven
Daniel and Alice with their daughter, Lucinda.

All images and information from here.

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  1. Pure romanticism!! What a joy to be the owner of such a wonderful home with so many beautiful and original furniture and decoration elements of such a high quality! Very nice!

  2. Très, très beau! Je me demande comment quelqu'un peut trouver des maisons aussi jolies, dans de si différents coins du monde!!! Félicitations et merci de nous montrer tout ça.


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