Friday, 20 May 2011

Photographer Marc Wouters

Good morning, dears! Ahh, I had some fun yesterday with your reactions to my post on Iris Apfel's home. I think I should choose to post homes like this one more often, the nice ones don't get as much attention and comments (in my inbox rather than on my blog). Cluttered, eyesore, over the top, plain awful, and even nightmare, were some of the adjectives I received.

Ah well, today I'd like to introduce you to Marc Wouters, an outstanding photographer from Belgium which I discovered through Greet from Belgian Pearls. Interiors, people, still life, and floral are some of the themes he covers. I have selected my favourite photographs to show you here but you might like to see the rest so just go to his portfolio right here.

All images from Marc Wouters portfolio right here.

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  1. Hello,

    It is the first time I heard the photographer, even though I live in Belgium.
    Beautiful blogspot.

    I wish you a nice Sunday


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