Monday 28 December 2009

Summer House in Spain

Hello my dear readers. I'm so delighted that Inspiring Interiors was listed on Desire to Inspire! They put together a number of blogs they recommend. I really am honoured! You should go there and have a look at the other blogs listed, there are lots of excellent blogs around and you shouldn't miss them!

Today takes us to an inviting summer house in Costa Brava, a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia in Spain.

A simple but charming summer house. Soft colour palette of blues, yellows and whites makes the rooms relaxing and breezy. Easy to clean tiles flooring, ideal for summer. The view is fantastic and I certainly wouldn't mind spending my holidays here!

All images from here.

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  1. hermossa te dejo un link a ver si está bueno!

  2. Aparecé o llamá, Sálvame Jebús!

  3. Beauty, Beauty.

  4. hi kifus its 2cool here. well ya see um well my mom said that i cant talk to you anymore. She says its stranger danger or something. but i think your nice. oh and by the way you won the riddle thing so please leave a comment telling people a bit about your self. ill catch up with u later

  5. That's ok 2cool. I'm glad I won the riddle!Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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