Monday 21 December 2009

Interior Designer and Stylist Nan Whitney

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Monday brings us NY stylist Nan Whitney. His Her work has been featured in lots of magazines such as
Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Calico Corners and Pottery Barn.

I selected these photographs for you to enjoy from his her portfolio.

I'd like to thank Jan Jessup for her enlightening comment!

I've always wondered whether curtains like these in an open porch are a good idea. I mean, they look great and all but how do you keep them dry and clean when it rains? I know they're under a roof but just a little wind when it rains and they'll end up soaking wet. I don't think they run to take them down every time the sky clouds over. Maybe they're just waterproof.

interior design and styling by Nan Whitney

Such an organized entryway. Labels under the baskets makes it easy to put everything in the right place.

Seems like it's clouding over. Better get those curtains down!
More photographs right here.

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  1. It's nice to see other photos of Nan's work--however, she's definitely not a man! On another note, the teal curtains on the outdoor porch are made of Sunbrella acrylic, and will not be harmed by rain or moisture. The Calico Corners - Calico Home stores carry about 500 different Sunbrella fabrics, in solids, stripes, jacquards and textures. Sunbrella also makes great sheers for outdoor use--and even a velvet. Because these fabrics are inherently fade resistant, they're also great for interior use where glare or strong light is a factor in decorating.
    Jan Jessup, Calico Corners

  2. Thaaaanks Jan for pointing that out to me! I'm so happy that somebody noticed my "mistake". I was complaining to my husband about people not leaving comments on my blog (or not as many as I'd like) and I was saying that maybe I shouldn't bother writing anything at all as people just wanted to see the photographs and didn't even glance at what I wrote. So, it was his idea to change her for his and see what happened. It is a big relief to me that you left your comment. Thanks again Jan ! And thanks for the info on those fabrics!


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