Thursday 21 October 2010

Apartment in Madrid

A blend of of old and new in this restored apartment right in the heart of Madrid. Enjoy today's tour, dears!

Combination of parallel and herringbone wood flooring. A glass top cane coffee table is surrounded by white slipcovered couches, and both the ottoman and antique armchair are upholstered in brown velvet.

Floor to ceiling folding doors allow lots of sunshine in.

The dining room doubles as library with a whole wall lined with shelves.

Klismos chairs in the dining room. Most klismos chairs have flaring saber legs placed in oppostion to one another, as opposed to the ones above which have only two rear saber legs

Industrial style kitchen with stainless steel backsplash.
Original white and grey tiles for the kitchen floor.

Breakfast area on the other side of the kitchen leads to the dining room. The wooden floors have been painted black.

Black painted wood flooring in the master bedroom.
The master bedroom opens to a dressing room.
A rectangular sink stands on a stone slab in the master bathroom.
Herringbone flooring in the guest room.
A reclaimed table was used for the bathroom sink.

All images from here.

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1 comment:

  1. Do you know why I love your blog? :D
    Because here I can find lovely homes but simple, normal!
    I don't love the blogs where I find only images about dreams houses, that seems token from a magazine or a film! :D
    Laura from Italy


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