Thursday, 28 October 2010

Provencal Framhouse

This typical Provencal stone farmhouse is located in Aigaliers, a village in the Gard, near Uzès, in the south of France. You might think it's been standing here for centuries but it is actually a new construction. Decorated with antiques and vintage pieces, its spaces take you back in time.

A stone staircase outside leads to a guest room.

This small terrace is right outside a guest room and at the top of the stone stairs we saw in the previous picture.

A warm dining room with a massive step-in fireplace with room enough for the fire and a chair. Indian cotton tablecloth.

Satin pillows on a wrought iron bed by the fireplace in the large living room.

The bathroom, entirely done by Richard Goullet, opens to the left on a wall with rounded lines behind which hides a spacious shower. Terra cotta tiles. The full length curtain brushing the floor adds drama though I think they are not such a good idea in a bathroom!

Photos Ivan Lainville.
All images from here.

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  1. I would die for those fireplaces. I was actually looking at similar ones in reclamation yards in France last week. Wondering how I would get them home and then, what the hell I would do with them. A girl can dream. x

  2. so cozy. I love all the fireplaces. and I really like the last photo of that bathroom. I want to copy the sink!

    Thanks also for checking in at my blog. Everything's fine! I just have been super busy and haven't had any time to get to my blog. I'm hoping things will slow down in the next few weeks so I can get back to it. I miss you guys!


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