Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rustic House in Mallorca

Today you are coming with me to visit this lovely rustic home in Palma de Mallorca. If you'd like to see two other houses I've featured before they are here and here. On a white background, a soft palette, earth colours and punches of bright purple and pink combine to make this home warm and inviting.

The house exterior with stone walls, dark green painted shutters and stone flooring on the terrace.

Different patterned kilims in the sitting area with matching terracota colours. Antique dentist storage table beside the stone fireplace. I would definitely place a hearth screen there. The coffee table is way too close to the fire.

Terracota tile flooring in all the rooms. The living room area was placed facing the windows instead of the fireplace.

The red painting in the living room is by Amador. Modern linen covered sofa and armchairs surround two pinewood coffee tables painted white.

Rustic table and chairs for the dining room. One of the glass lamps reminds me of Mary Poppins umbrella.

Dining area on the porch shaded by a nautical awning.

White kitchen with stone backsplash and counter tops.

Canopied four poster bed and striped wooden headboard in the master bedroom.

The same kind of headboard without the stripes was used in this bedroom.

Even the bathroom has wooden beams. Twin sinks and marble top. The floor is the same terracota tiles as in the rest of the house.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

All images from here.

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  1. I love the bright colors mixed with the wood and stone. Very pretty.

  2. Beautiful, so warm and cozy.

  3. Wow! You guys did an amazing job!It's just perfect!

  4. Oh my goodness, I just love those floral bags with the wood handles. Those doors are super too! Very cool! Great blog!That is a beautiful arbor!

    Susan Graham


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