Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ideas for small rooms.

If you have a small apartment I think you can copy many ideas from these rooms.This duplex in Spain isn't very big but just the right amount and size of furniture and soft palette give it a roomy feeling. Come and see.


There is even room for a small breakfast table in one of the sitting room areas.

I like the linen curtains between the living room and dining room .

Love this soothing bedroom.
All images from here.

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  1. that tablebreakfast is a bit small,

    i love the bathroom, but i dont like that there is too white everywere!!

    not my style!!

    love the post

  2. so charming as usual!

    I'd like to see more of these small-appartments posts!!

    te amo linda!

  3. Hello, I truly love looking at your idea homes! I literally spent hours looking at all of the pages, one after another, then when I was done with that, I went from label to label. I love how you encorporated every style imaginable! Since I have not been able to do much with my blog this last week, I thought I would showcase yours, I didn't think about asking permission, I am glad you came to visit me! I am a follower now, and will be back many many times. Karyn

  4. Just love your blog. You have found so many wonderful interiors to post. Yay!



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