Friday, 12 March 2010

Long Island Summer House

Friday is here at last and I'd like to show you this summer house. Big sunny rooms and so symmetrical. Maybe not the outside but inside it seems I could draw a line in the middle of these photographs and I'd get a mirror copy on each side.

Love those exposed beams. I counted 16 pillows but I'm sure there are more out of sight.

Four square tables put together serve as a big coffee table.

Glass top table in the foyer adds to the symmetry of this photograph.

Loving the way the cups and dishes are displayed here. The mismatched painted wooden chairs work well here.
Happy weekend!

All images from Skona hem.

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  1. I love symmetrie in architecture and in interior designs! I try to get symmetrie in all the interior designs I do for my clients! But it is not always possible.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I quite agree with your statement about the mismatched chairs.

    My first biligual post on GrandsLieux! today !

    Had a message from your sister.

    Good to come and visit your blog and dream ...

    Have a good week end !

  3. Love the variety of lighting fixtures.


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