Saturday, 11 September 2010

B'day Girl and Apartment in Madrid

Hello dear readers, today is my birthday! So, while I celebrate, I'll leave you here to enjoy these pics of a charming apartment in Madrid which used to be an architect's office. Being on the top of a building it has a big terrace which was divided to add the dining room.

salon luminoso

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you tomorrow!
All images from here.

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  1. Happy Birthday Hermosa!

  2. Féliz Cumpleaños! Happy Birthday! Have a great day and enjoy. This apartment is a great romantic place in a wonderful and romantic city!

  3. Happy Birthday Kifus, love the apartment, especially the balcony/sunroom?. I enjoy your blog daily,thank you!!!

  4. Bon anniversaire Kifus! Ton blog est absolument merveilleux, les photos et le texte!

  5. Do what I do and celebrate your birthday all week! Love the little bedroom here.

  6. Buongiorno Kifus
    come hai festeggiato il compleanno ?
    E la torta ?
    Com'era la torta ?
    Ne è rimasta un pò per noi bloggers ?
    Bella questa casa in Spagna !

  7. Thanks so much Carole, Marta, Niceartlife, Shawn, NannyKim and Myriam for your wishes! I had a wonderful birthday with my family.My mother baked my cake and that is a miracle because she hasn´t baked one in 30 years! It was plain vanilla cake with one candle in the middle, melted chocolate and whipped cream on the side. That´s a wonderful idea Kim! A whole week of pampering would be just great!

  8. Love the red bed! And sorry I missed your birthday~ hope it was filled with love and laughter! It was also my sister's 30th anniversary Saturday!
    Boy, do I wish I had some of your birthday cake right now!!


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