Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Country House in Malaga

The farmhouse we are visiting today is located in Ronda, a town in Málaga, Spain. I was curious about this town as I had never heard of it and I found out that it is set in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge. The bridge, called Puente Nuevo, is quite impressive and I thought I'd share it with you before we see the house.

The bridge over the gorge (el Tajo), was finished in 1793. The height from top to bottom is about 100 m, like a 30 floor building. Inside the bridge there is a small museum.
Image and information from Wikipedia.

Now yes, our house tour.

All images from here.

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  1. Kilfus, one more time I was trying to pick my favorites, but it's not possible, the pictures are so beautiful.
    The outdoor areas are fabulous, the living room, the bedrooms and the bathroom are absolutely perfect, all so neutral and light.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warm hugs to you.

  2. Kifus - O... M... G... that house is amazing... when can I move in? Thanks for the great inspiration. Have a great evening - Jalon

  3. Thanks a mil, Kifus! This is El Noque, a guesthouse between Malaga and Ronda - a place you should really go to, the best during the firts September weekend, when they have their fiesta. Ronda is the place the bullfights were invented, it has the oldest arena worldwide and it is, as Rilke put it, „the dreamt of city„ - die ertraeumte Stadt. Also by Ronda you can find another beauty - the Finca de Los Pastores. And in the towm itself (were they have a museum of the Inquisition and one of the Bandits, the most famous of all being born very close to the place were El Noque is today), you can find a hotel - the San Gabriel - were Hemingway wrote his Fiesta, were Isabella Rosselini, Orson Wells and many others signed photos now on the walls. Really a place worth to go to - and not well known enough. Now to El Noque - it is my all time favorite and a constant source of inspiration, every time I want to start a work. Only week point of it I found weird enough exactly in your blog: it looks like the architect created also a „little sister„ of El Noque, you have pictured another finca that is to 90% the same as this one (from flooring over white/beige furniture up to tiles transformed into lamps). What a great job, what a pitty. Wishing you from all my heart a trip to Ronda, Thanks Kifus! Cristina

  4. What a gorgeous place...love the neutral color palette and the bedrooms all look restful and serene...would love to stay here!!


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