Sunday, 4 March 2012

French Style in Vienna

I'm afraid there are not many photographs of this apartment in Vienna. I would have loved to see every room. Five will have to do then. Cornelia Müller transformed an apartment from the 1800s into a quiet French vintage oasis for herself and her family.

Have a beautiful Sunday.
Photography by Christien Bauer.
All images from here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. I love the understated shabbiness, the muted colors. Greige is so soothing and elegant! What makes me laugh now is remembering my much younger years - I would've rushed to apply a fresh coat of paint on a chair or table or shelf, if I saw a dent in the painting. Now it's so different. I learned to appreciate the old, the not so perfect piece of furniture, the dent, the scratch, the chipped paint, the feeling of lived in and worn out. You see how we evolve?

    On another note, thank you for going to my blog. I left two replies to your posts. Much appreciated.

    I'll go now to other posts in your blog, it's always a treat and a worthy one for a Sunday evening. It feels like recharging the batteries for the week to come.
    warm hugs from Doina

  2. Hej,
    I really enjoyed all images with each lovely detail...the last one is simply wonderful. greetings for a very warm Sydney:)

  3. Sometimes less is more. I really love this apartment. :)


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