Monday, 11 June 2012

Country Home in Marbella

Before we start with our daily tour I'd like to thank you for leaving such warm comments yesterday for my blog's third anniversary. Wish I could have thrown a birthday party and invite you all!

Today's tour takes us to Marbella. An elegantly furnished country home with amazing views.

The following three photographs are of the bathroom. The largest room in the house made up of three different spaces.


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  1. OMG, Kifus!
    Your sources of amazing images are endless.
    This house is wonderful, I'm speechless and, believe you me, this rarely happens.
    Now, excuse me, I'll take a look at all this beautiful pictures again and again and again.
    Have a nice Tuesday.

  2. Gorgeous swimming pool & I loved the wallpaper in the dining room.

  3. This post nearly stopped me in my tracks. AMAZING in every way. One day Marbella....


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