Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Home in Belgium

Sometimes I hesitate before posting a home. It might be because one or two of the rooms are not my style or there is something I definitely don't like even though I might love the rest of the house. Well, on this occasion this is my dilemma. I am against the display of dead animals, be it a head upon a wall or a hide on the floor. However, I've chosen to post it because I love the home more than I dislike stuffed animals (maybe the duck isn't stuffed?) and animal heads on walls.

So, here you have it, a lovely home in Belgium, just a few km from Brussels.

And today I'd also like to thank my friend Greet from Belgian Pearls who is a sweetie pie and recommended Inspiring Interiors to her readers in her post yesterday. If you don't know her blog yet (I'm sure you all do!) do yourself a favour and visit her. Each one of her posts is a gem, or rather a pearl. Thanks, Greet! ♥

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  1. lol! LOVE this home and I'm not fond of stuffed heads and animals either... the little wood platform under that duck gives it away!

    Thanks for sharing this & thank you for your always kind remarks on my projects. You are such a sweetheart!


  2. Great house! I actually don't mind the stuffed animals, works well with the style of the house. while it might not be what you (or I ) would do, "to each, his own" :)

    I actually found you via the Belgian Pearl Blog yesterday, and I look forward to exploring !!

  3. Kifus,
    This is a beautiful and charming Belgian house! I hadn't seen it before!! You are the best! You always find the most inspirational images! Thank you for sharing this with us today and thank you for your sweet words about me and for mentionning my blog!!
    Hugs to you my dear friend!

  4. Kifus,
    I don't mind taxidermy as long is it's not overdone. I think it looks good in this home. There was a post recently on Hooked on Houses where the homeowner had stuffed heads and animals was not appropriate (in my opinion) nor did it look good or enhance the home in any way. This is a very pretty home and yes, I think the duck is taxidermy as well.

    I love Belgian Pearl, its always a treat to visit both you and Greet.

  5. so agree with the dead animals as decor, quite offensive........but, glad you showed us. this is a charming home indoors and out. don't you just love that front door?

  6. Maybe the duck was a beloved pet?? It does look kind of cute there though. What a beautiful home, I am totally in love with the chickens.

  7. Dear Kifus!
    Lovely home, but I do not like the stuffed animals.
    Is the hens and chicken outside for real?
    Anyway, a charming house!


    1. Hi Nette! Yes, thank goodness the chickens outside are real!

      Thanks Nette!

  8. I agree with you, I don't like to look at dead things staring down. Much prefer to look at those pretty chickens.

  9. Moved to comment. I too abhor the current trend for stuffed animals and taxidermy, and cow and animal skins on the floor, and I am not even what you would call an animal lover. Maybe it is because as a child I remember the horror of my Aunts and Mother wearing dead animals around their necks as a "fashion".(Now I have advertised my age Haha.) Just love your blog, Regards, Gina

  10. I ADORE this house! that's what I love most about your blog - I think I have a favourite and then an even better one comes along! This is just gorgeous!! Although, you wouldn't like my hall at all - I have an antique deer head on the wall!



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