Thursday, 7 June 2012

White and Green in Spain

Good morning dear friends! I woke up to a flooded bathroom this morning. It wasn't so bad because it actually was the hot water pipe under the sink so I paddled in warm water (nice! no, really it was a nice feeling!) while mopping it up. For a reason I cannot imagine there is no drainage system in the bathroom floor so it drippity dropped all night and the water flooded half of my son's room too. Ah well, never a dull moment as my grandpa used to remind me.

Let's fly away to Spain today, yes? Colours everywhere, but mostly greens in this house decorated by interior designer Rocio Moreno.


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  1. Some lovely shades of green & I absolutely adore the mango painted wall in the kitchen with the green window frame. Fantastic combination.

  2. Ok, so now I'm thinking of moving to Spain! What is it with these Spanish houses that appeal to me so much? So airy and welcoming and, I think I have to say happy! Yes, definitely happy looking.
    Thanks, Kifus!

    xoxo Sabrina

  3. So fresh, cool and summery! But, still warm and comfortable. I like this home, Kifus! Your link is finally working on my blog! Yay!

    1. That's great Loi! Thanks for changing the link!

  4. Kifus,
    This is such a calm feeling house and decor. I really like the way the designer made good use of each of the outdoor rooms. The soft green is so pretty.
    Sorry to hear about your leak...hope it's all fixed by the weekend.

  5. Haha, never a dull moment indeed. And at least there was the warm water silver lining...! Beautiful photos. Say what you like about a Spanish property boom and bust, they made some nice houses...


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