Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gustavian Style in Spain

Good Tuesday morning, my friends! So lovely to see you here again! On to our tour.
In the Empordà region of Catalonia, in Spain, just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean sea and with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, stands this 19th century farmhouse. It was almost in ruins, but Peter Wilson saw its potential and took on the task of restoring it using original materials of construction. He chose a Gustavian style decoration with pops of colour in every room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Let me know!

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  1. Enjoy the tour? I'm ready to move in! Love every part of what you have shown. I have actually thought of using a brick barrel ceiling in our wine room and I really like how it was done here. Thanks!

  2. Love this Gustavian style and the beautiful furniture and airy rooms. What I would change maybe is the modern stove inside the fireplace. It might be more heat efficient but I think I'd prefer to use the awesome original fireplace.

    Thanks for another great tour, Kifus.

    xoxo Sabrina

  3. Kifus,
    this house is stunning!!
    I have these images saved in my inspirations file.
    Love the open spaces, so airy and light.

  4. Kifus,
    Wow, the ceilings on this place are outstanding. I love the main living space from one end to the next. This is a pinterest worthy home. Thanks so much.

  5. Kifus - I'm sorry I missed this post....just now enjoying it. I still don't know why your link won't show up properly on my blog list. It does not update each time you have a new post, and I have to manually check for updates. Wonderful Gustavian style, Kifus!

  6. Hey Kifus, Wow, that large open space is amazing! And I LOVE the Gustavian feel and colours of the decor - Divine.


  7. So beautiful! Really enjoyed those pictures as well.

    Best regards from Nette

  8. Loved the colour pops. Gorgeous home.

    1. Thanks, Ali! You haven't been posting lately. I guess you must be busy reading! Have a happy day!


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