Thursday 28 January 2010

Rustic House in Spain

Hello dear readers. Back from a splendid holiday in Argentina.

If you are already tired of the cold weather here are some summery, big yet cozy rustic houses in Spain. Aren't they simply charming and inviting?

I would have placed a basket with towels in that nook.

At the inspired room there are many links to other blogs showing winter inspiration. Be sure to check them out! Thank you Melissa for hosting this MckLinky party.
All images from here.

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  1. I love everything about this home! Thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling well!

  2. That is one beautiful home. Great pictures.

    Thanks for visiting Blue Mountain Home and leaving the nice comment.

    this is my first visit to Inspiring Interiors but it will not be my last!


  3. Love this house and the floors are absolutely stunning!

  4. Hello Kifus !
    Stunning pictures ! It seems they belong to 3 distinct houses. Various styles, gradual rusticity... Front, patio and whitewashed terrace seem to come from different regions of Spain.
    Does it matter ? Of course not!
    Spain is wonderful
    Thank you

  5. If only I would live in Spain. I live in the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Beutiful places, but not a lot of sun. Great pics btw.

  6. theres not a single thing I dont like about this house! Really simple but yet gorgeous! Good choice kifus, one of my fav posts!


  7. Really nice. It gives me some good ideas.

  8. Thanks so much to all of you for your great comments! Glad you liked the post!

  9. very very lovely rooms.

    Im jealous as can be about your trip... be sure and share photos... I bet you had a wonderful time!

    (i agree with you ;) wouldve put a bask of towels under that nook too!)


  10. The colours in these pictures are so beautiful!
    A real great post!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Wow! You guys did an amazing job!It's just perfect


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