Saturday 23 January 2010

Great Ideas for Laundry Rooms

Why not make your laundry room inviting and awesome like the rest of your house? Let´s not neglect a place where we spend (at least I do) so much (wish it could be less!) of our time. Here are some ideas from Better Homes & Gardens which I think you will like.

elegent laundry room
If you are the sophisticated type you will surely like this laundry room with kitchen-style dark wood cabinets, glass-panel doors, and a comfortable reading chair.

built-in cabinets with laundry
Built-in yellow cabinets with a hinged door for maximum access enclose the washer and driyer to conceal the appliances when they're not in use. A large countertop offers a flat workspace for folding, ironing, and sorting clothes. Choose a countertop material that isn't especially sensitive to heat or laundry

corner laundry space
A corner in the kitchen can double as a laundry space like this laundry area, without taking over the space. Front-loading stacked washer and dryer units are built-in, and a closet and other appliances are hidden under counter space with their own curtain.

laundry room with cabinets
Placing the laundry room and appliances near a window offers natural light and a view outside. Built-in cabinets offer storage that gives visibility to inside contents.

small laundry room
This small corner illustrates the benefit of good planning. Every inch of space, from the cabinets with flip-up doors above the machines to the medium-size around the corner, is put to work.

laundry room
Two sets of washers and dryers help speed up the laundry chores. Built-in, cabinet-depth appliances leave countertop space for laundry tasks, and a row of windows brings in natural light. Be sure to have your plumber check your drain capacity before you move head with a plan like this.

mudroom/laundry room
This mudroom/laundry space is easy to access while running errands or completing other household chores, without cluttering the high traffic space. Built in cabinets and a front loading washer and dryer save floor space for entering and exiting the space.

All images from Better Homes & Gardens.

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  1. How I wish we had the space to do something like that! So lovely. You're right, why not make the room that I spend so much time in a bit more pleasant?

  2. Excellent ideas- that is definatley something to work on.


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