Monday 18 January 2010

Artist's House: Carlos Páez Vilaró

Artist Carlos Páez Vilaró was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1923.
He purchased a sea-front property on eastern Uruguay's scenic, then-desolate Punta Ballena, in 1958, building a small, wooden lodge that over time became "Casapueblo" ("House-Village"). The sprawling compound, a whitewashed cement structure reminiscent of Mykonos, was built in stages by the artist to resemble the mud nests created by the region's native hornero birds, and became his home, atelier and museum. Though he resided in Casapueblo - his "living sculpture" - by 1968, Páez Vilaró continued to add on the structure at his desire, at times adding a room for a particular guest. He later opened a section of Casapueblo to tourism as a hotel.

So, the first photograph here is his creation "Casapueblo" in Uruguay.


The following photographs are of his house called Bengala (after the Bengal Tiger) in Tigre, Buenos Aires in Argentina.

In the circular living room the light coming from the roof reflects on the bronze artwork above the fireplace.

This is the domed ceiling in the living room.

Behind the bar there is an inverted antique train part. I have no idea what you call it!

This hallway upstairs leads to the guest rooms.

The dining room table was made from a huge cable reel. The holes were left (or added) to place candles.

Two pics of the dining room for guests.

All the rooms are white except for this bedroom.

The bedrooms upstairs all lead to the same terrace.

All images from here.

Information and first photograph from Wikipedia.

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  1. Questa casa è veramente super fantastica !!

  2. Thanks Rosa, I like it too. It's unusual but just what I expected from this artist.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I know your blog for a few time and I added it yet to my bloglist! The only thing is that you have to scroll to the last blog to find your blog and I don't know why that is! Your blog don't "mention" when you did a new posr! But anyway your blog is gorgeous and so is your last post! Beautiful inspiring images!!
    Thank you again!

  4. Hello I from uruguay and I like soo much your blog, Thanks for the publication of Casapueblo of artist Paez Vilaro congratulation

  5. While in Uruguay, we toured the fabulous Casapueblo. What a magnificent creation. We loved it! Even better, the charismatic Sr Carlos Páez Vilaró greeted us personally! He is such a warm and beautiful person. His voice is soothing and his manner calm. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in his presence. I will forever treasure the memories he granted me.


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