Friday 1 January 2010

Decorating with blues and white

A very, very Happy New Year to all of you!

Have you made your resolutions yet? I haven´t. I have never, ever made a New Year resolution. I guess it´s a tradition we haven´t picked up in Argentina. Nobody makes resolutions here, at least nobody I know. However, if you have made a resolution, they say (well, I read it somewhere!) stick to it for 6 weeks and it´s yours to keep. It takes that long to form a (good) habit! Too long, huh?

On this first day of our brand new year I´d like to show you a selection of rooms in blues and white and maybe a touch of another colour.

I have posted this pic before, but it´s worthy of showing up many times. Love the blues and combination of fabrics.
Keller Donovan

Ok, Alec, I think these slipcovers are cute, but why, oh why didn´t you iron them before taking this picture?
Love these iron twin beds.

Light blue in this and next pics spells summer, and beach, and sunshine.

What do you think about the lampshade having the same stripes as the pillows? Is it just perfect or is it over combined?

Ss_100077758 BHG
Stripes, dots and flowers. Hard to combine but they work here!

Love the arch of the window.

465x465_md0306-p288-blue-wh Madison Mag
I like the blue and white vases and jars but those chinese figurines scare me.

Orange and blue? It works!

Today is 01/01/10, nice number!

All images from housebeautiful

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  1. Muy lindo blog y argentino !!!!

    Muy buen año, yo tampoco hago lista con resoluciones.....


  2. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful year!

  3. White and blue combined make me very relaxed. Especially the soft blues. Ahh... I'm feeling very chill now. Thanks!

  4. happy new year! no new year's resolutions for me either - although it has become a tradition here in norway. got lots of things i want to do, though...

    i love the pale blue entryway. i've made pale blue my winter colour at home, but it also speaks of summer. can't wait!

  5. Muy bonito!!! buenas combinaciones. Pretty!!! good combinations.


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