Monday 13 September 2010

House in Dordogne, France

Good morning dears. Thanks for the warm well wishes for my birthday on Saturday. I had a great time and my mother baked my cake (she hasn't made one in 30 years so imagine my surprise!).

So, back to our daily posts. Today we are going to France. This house is in Dordogne which is in the south west of France in the county of Perigord.
The house is not quite in the style of the Perigord region, but was finally well integrated into the landscape. A Dutch couple, Laura and Niels, were attracted to this region for its mild climate and decided to make a home right beside the campsite which they run.

Une touche de blanc sur les volets pour rehauser le bleu de la façade
A Polish carpenter was hired for all the woodwork of the house. The porch and balcony follow the same lines.

Du blanc doux pour le salon
The sitting area and dining room are on different levels. Soft tones and light coloured floor boards make a relaxing atmosphere.

Une ambiance légère pour la chambre
Although placed in the attic, the master bedroom is very bright thanks to skylights.The headboard wood paneling separates the room from the bathroom. A relatively austere decor (wooden and rope objects, light fixtures attached to the headboard) give the room a nautic feeling.

Une terrasse simple mais intimiste
Weathered table and chairs in the front porch.

Ambiance cosy pour le salon
On the ground floor the lounge opens onto the dining room. The coffee table on wheels was made by Niels. The sofas are from Holland and the driftwood lamp and mirror were purchased in Arcachon.

Petit coin de repos sour l'escalier
Niels also built this trunk with pine wood. The mirror is Moroccan.

Une cuisine lumineuse
Just look at the height of the kitchen ceiling, it's 6.20m. They left it this way to get more sunlight in. The table and bench were made by Niels from large pine planks painted black and white.

Un petit point d'eau paisible
The downstairs bathroom.

Photographer: Eric Hérouville.
All images and information from here.

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