Thursday 23 September 2010

Rustic Country Home

Dear, some quite but most not, very communicative readers. Today I bring you to this country home in Spain. Interior designer Isabel López Quesada used a combination of different styles for this new country home in Spain. Mainly rustic but also classic, industrial and vintage; quite eclectic and full of details to make it warm and inviting. Hope you enjoy the tour. Let me know?

An old train station clock sits on a restored working table in the foyer.

Open floor plan for two large sitting areas and the dining room (below).

Different textures blend in the dining room. A zinc top table supported by a large sectioned turbine (unusual way to repurpose aircraft parts!) Chairs upholstered in velvet.

Inviting eating area in the porch.

A second more informal dining room right by the kitchen.

Double sinks placed on a restored wooden table in the master bathroom.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. See you tomorrow?
All images Nuevo Estilo.

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  1. Gorgeous mansion. What I like most about this villa is the contact you have with nature outside. Every window connects with the trees and panoramas outside, wonderful!

    (My blog has changed to a new address, I invite you for a visit if you like)

  2. Buongiorno Kifus :)
    come vanno le cose in Brasile ?
    Questa casa mi piace molto !!!
    L'arredamento è ridotto all'essenziale ma mi piacciono molto gli accostamenti degli arredi !
    belle idee da copiare !

  3. I love it, very beautiful. Those small wooden chairs in the first picture are stunning...and that view, incredible! You have a very beautiful blog, keep it up, so inspiring!

  4. I just saw your web site on aol its an incredible web page you have done an excellent article.


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