Tuesday 21 September 2010

Summer House in Uruguay

Today we'll visit an interesting home in Uruguay. Argentines Federico Bonomi and Cynthia Kern purchased this 1850's original farmhouse in Uruguay with the idea of turning it into a hotel. When the restoration was over they decided to keep it as their own second home. It is located in Carmelo which is a short distance from the border with Argentina. Well out of the ordinary, they left some of the walls completely bare and raw and combined antique and rustic furniture, floral prints an whimsical details in every room.

Ljus och välkomnande entré.

Mixed recycled ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor.

French style rug painted by hand directly on the wood flooring in the dining room.

Love to hear your thoughts on this home!
All images from here.

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  1. The stone wall is impressive and I adore the cute tiles around the door frame :)

  2. :) gorgeous like always!!!

    love you kifusssss

  3. The floors are so interesting! The tubs too. The kitchen is intriguing.

  4. Love the unique touches. The kitchen and dining room floors are fabulous. It's great to see something so different than all the "greige" decorating going around lately.

  5. I love this home! As someone who is thinking about the day she and her husband move to his homeland of Uruguay, it's nice to dream that I might have such a lovely restored home there! If had the money and decorative ability of course. :-). I think there are many wonderful touches in this home. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Oh, just blogged about your post on my FindingUruguay.wordpress.com blog and posted the link to this page. I'm glad I found your site - I love the images -- beautiful, just beautiful!

  7. Same here - just blogged about your post! Your blog is such an inspiration - thank you for all your hard work! Regards from Croatia


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