Tuesday 28 September 2010

Villa on Bali

Put on your flip flops and flower necklace as we are going to the island of Bali to visit Annelies and Jean-Jacques Audureaus's home. This weather beaten house is actually quite new. Three very old typical Indonesian houses which originally stood on the neighbouring island of Java were taken down and the materials were used to build this home. Even the roof was made with old tiles from a mosque, where they happily let the couple have them in exchange for a brand new roof.

Dining and lounging area on a deck around the pool. Notice how they replaced some of the tiles of the roof for glass to let more sunlight through. Mold on the wall evidences Bali's humid climate.

European wallpaper and ethnic items found on Annelies's many trips to Asia.

Hus vid stranden i Seminyak på Bali.
Annelies in her kitchen where glass jars and containers are displayed on shelves and wooden hutches.

Detail of kitchen utensils hanging above the cooking range.

Very feminine room with floral fabric. The door openings have an angled top which adds interest to the rooms.
I'd really love to lie down on all those pillows on the rug.

Small Indian style boxes.

Ornate Indonesian woodwork.

Black, white and grey bathroom. The tiles were custom made in Java.

This emerald green vignette with matching umbrellas and tin containers is in the porch.

A welcoming porch with a weathered dining table and different coloured wicker chairs.

Sweets, I really hope you enjoyed this tour. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments. I really look forward to them. Have a pleasant Tuesday and I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

All images from here.

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  1. Another reason to visit Bali - the beautiful architecture. I cannot quit staring at the amazing porch...love it!

  2. Bhe, per dirla tutta sinceramente la casa non è proprio dei miei gusti... però, se averla significherebbe poter vivere a Bali, credo proprio che diventerebbe la mia casa preferita !!!!
    Ciao-ooooo :) Myriam


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