Monday 19 October 2009

Decorating With Baskets # 1

I love baskets. Love them. In every shape, style and colour they are so versatile you can add a basket to any room and it will look charming and welcoming.

Do you feel your rooms are quite perfect but there is something missing to make them cozy and inviting? Add some baskets. With flowers, or towels, cutlery or gardening tools, whatever you fancy you can't go wrong with baskets.

This will be the first of three (guessing here, there might be more!) posts on decorating with baskets as I have a huge amount of lovely pictures to show you. Hope you like them!

Images from Pottery Barn, desiretoinspire, allaboutyou and houzz.

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  1. Good work KIFUS! Your site has this dreamy feel to it, with the pictures and the white template and all. Hahaha keep it up mate :)

  2. Thanks you so much for your words Ugabuga! I've checked out you site and it's really cool.


  3. Very good photos! A remarkable blog!

  4. I have a problem... the family room is also the playing room for my daughter who's 10 months, so during the day it's full of...everything, all over the floor . I don't mind of course, we don't live in a museum. At night, I put everything in a corner, trying to organize the space for our evenings with our son who's 16 years old. Now that I saw your post on baskets, I am thinking about using some of those to put the toys & co there at night. Would you have pictures to inspire me on that project?
    Thank you


  5. Hi there Martine! Thanks for leaving your question. I definitely think the solution to your problem is to purchase a big trunk like basket with a lid on it. You can not only store all your daughter's toys but once it's closed you can add a cushion to fit the size and use it to sit down. Baskets are quite sturdy and will easily take the weight. I believe it will look great in your family playroom. I've seen pics of this kind of basket but give me a little time to put them together and as soon as I can I will post them.

    Thanks again Martine! And I'd like to thank you too, once again, because many readers come here via your blog.

    Have a lovely day!


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