Friday 9 October 2009

Scandinavian and Norwegian Homes

The Scandinavian look is a bright, airy style that makes you feel like you can breathe easier just by stepping into it. This look is carefully constructed to give the illusion of light and sprang from Sweden's harsh, long winter evenings. I know some people find an all white room overwhelming and need to add a touch of colour. I think these rooms are homey and inviting. What do you think?

Via design2share

Would you use a crate as a side table?

I love the cot hanging from the ceiling. And here's another crate as a bedside table.

Love the look of those logs stashed into what appears to be a fireplace. The real fireplace is on the left.

All images except the first one via My Scandinavian Retreat

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  1. Thnks Ellen! Glad you like it!

  2. I agree that the white is beautiful and as you said, inviting. I'm sorry but your pictures are pixelated... makes it hard to appreciate them.

    Cool blog!


  3. Hi Gabi! Thanks for leaving your comment. I'm worried about you seeing the pictures pixelated. I looked at the pics on different computers and they all look fine to me. I really don't know what the issue might be. Please let me know if they look better tomorrow or another day. Perhaps you could try with another computer? Beats me!

    Thanks again for stopping by and I'm glad you liked the blog!

  4. Hi Kifus, thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love your blog and will visit every day!
    I love an all white interior and look forward to when I am an empty-nester and can live with that look without having to constantly wipe finger marks off the walls,lol.
    Thanks too for your pics from Pottery Barn. I have been trying to organise our desk/workspace and this post has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Now I just need to check freight prices to Australia!

  5. Hey Ange! Glad you liked the white rooms and the Pottery Barn pics. I haven't a clue about prices to ship things to Australia! Guess it won't be very cheap!
    At least one can get some ideas from the pics.
    Thanks for your coment Ange!

  6. I love how they used a trashcan as a night table. That is awesome!

  7. Hi there! Like your pictures:) I am norwegian, so... What you thaught was an "extra2 fireplace (where they kept the wood...) is acctualy a place we create too keep the wood:) Often it is placed just beside the fireplace, somtimes even under or over it:) The trashcan we often use as a place to keep the dirty laundry too ;) Have a great day ;)

  8. Hi Plumsing! Thanks for the elucidation! About the trashcan I think it's an excellent and fun place to keep the dirty laundry!

  9. And this summer I took the trascan outside and filed it with flowers. And made like an arrangement with other buckets with flowers at my patio;) I alsow used a crate as a little table, with flowers on it ;)

  10. Hey Plumsing, what a great idea! I'm sure it looked wonderful. Do you happen to have any pics of the trashcan with the flowers? I'd love to see them! If you don't that's ok!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. White rooms are breathtaking. Literally. I screen captured so many of these to put in my personal inspiration file. Thank you for providing us with such great photographs.


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