Sunday 25 October 2009

Diane Keaton's home.

Yesterday's post was about the set design made especially for the movie Something's Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton. Even though she was thrilled with the rooms of the new set where she would work, she admitted they were not her style... So, what is her style then?

Let's have a look at her house in Beverly Hills and find out...

See the entrance? Well, that's not the last archway you'll find in her house. She has a passion for archways as you will notice in the following pics.

Isn't the front of the house beautiful? I love this photo. She has managed to enhance the Spanish Colonial Revival style throughout the house.

Second archway. The door leading to the library. The subject of most of her books is photography and architecture. She is also fond of mottoes. This one says: "The eye sees what the mind knows".

Yet another arch in the fireplace brick opening. The windows at the side open to an interior courtyard with a fountain. You can breathe the Spanish influence in this room: from the terra-cota vases to the rug, from the furniture to the small tiles on the staircase.

A view of the dining room as seen from the library.

Inverted lamp shade fixtures give off an interesting indirect light. Make me feel a bit giddy though!

I like the sign and the pottery on the kitchen shelves.

This is the office with archways leading into and out of it. I like the sombreros displayed around the fountain in the courtyard beyond! Actually they are little figurines of men crouching around the fountain. They seem to be asleep with their hats covering their heads.

And the latest news is that she has put her mansion on the market for about $11.9 million. This was back in May this year. I wonder if she has already sold it? Maybe if you hurry you can still buy it!

All images and information from Architectural Digest.

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  1. Wow.
    The 2# picture was BEAUTIFUL.
    God I would like to live there :D

  2. Hi Martin! Just popped by your new blog! Glad you liked the pic! It reminds me of a yummy birthday cake full of little candles!

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. me gusto la iluminacion que tenia en el frente. Quedaba re bien.


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