Tuesday 20 October 2009

Interior Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber is a New York based interior designer. His work has been published in more than 50 design books as well as every mayor national and international design magazine.

Here are two of them: Elle Decor July/August 2007 and House & Garden October 2005

Classic, traditional, American, urban. I would define his style as all of these put together. He crafts timeless rooms with easy elegance and mixes periods with his own design ideas.

Let's have a look at his rooms now.

The following pics belong to Jeffrey Bilhuber’s summer retreat on Nantucket, Rose Cottage.
Images from Architectural Digest.

You can see more of Jeffrey Bilhuber's work on his site right here.

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  1. I love these designs they are so clean and beautiful!

  2. I liked these designs by Bilhuber. They look much more comfortable and warmer than the other ones. I like white furnitures, but for a beach house ;) I think white is kind of dirty and a cold colour. I prefer wood, it makes a room more welcoming and warm.

  3. I love white rooms. I agree that they are hard to keep clean and when you have children around this would be almost impossible! But white rooms make me happy, they make me feel cheery and as it does remind me of summertime it makes me even happier! But you're right about wood and I also love rooms with wood. Maybe a combination of W&W... wood and white!

    Thanks for your comment margot!


  4. Thanks içimden! I like it too!!


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