Wednesday 21 October 2009

White Kitchens

For those of you who love white kitchens (you talkin' to ME?) have a ball with today's post. They might be hard to keep clean but aren't they worth it?

Those pics on the countertop must be covering sockets. Great idea!

I think the taps are a wee bit too high over the sink. But I like the petite shelves half way up the windows. The little flower pots look lovely there.

A sink in the island is so handy.

Archways look so handsome. I also like the candles hanging above the table.

This kitchen looks nice but having pottery jars with wooden spoons at the back of the cooking range is definitely dangerous. Imagine you are cooking something and you have to reach for a spoon, you have to lean on the stove and your clothes will catch fire. Another setback is that you'll have to wash them all after cooking your french fries! Not a good idea.

Love this island with the marble top. Remember to leave enough room for your legs under the top, otherwise you'll have to sit sideways!

Two islands? If you have the space, why not?

I like this kitchen very much. I like the sign that says cuisine.

Mariette Gomez.
Having a blackboard in a kitchen is practical and looks nice. But imagine the length of the chalk you'll need if you want to write at the top of this one! Or, you'll have to stand on that stool and you might fall. If you write something at the bottom where you can easily reach it is bound to be erased by the splashes when you do the dishes. Oh, I seem to be so negative today!

Images HGTV, housebeautiful, skona hem and myhomeideas.

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  1. I agree, a white crispt fresh kitchen cant be beaten, you have found some fine examples. I'm too chicken to go all white though!

  2. Hi Carla thans for your comment. Well, my fridge is all white... so is the microwave.. that seems to be all! Gosh, I guess I'm too chicken as well!


  3. "Remember to leave enough room for your legs under the top, otherwise you'll have to sit sideways!"
    No se te scapa niuna!

  4. Que lindas cosas para la casa!! Voy a copiar algunas ideas , realmente me inspiran !!!

  5. Gracias Laura! Nos costó pero logramos comentar!

  6. Hola ! que barbaro, cuantas cosas lindas!!

  7. Absolutely love your design , and the photographs of your work. Great stuff.

    My blog

  8. yo yo yo its 2cool4you here! just wanted to say next time leave out the xoxos they cramp my style dude.

  9. Que blog mais lindo!!! Adorei.
    Oh, This Blog is very beautiful... Thak you...Maravilhoso! Wanderful!
    Cléo Borges

  10. Thank you Cleo! Muito obrigada! These comments make my day!


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