Tuesday 27 October 2009

Toy Storage Solutions.

Today's post is dedicated to Martine who left the following question:

"I have a problem... the family room is also the playing room for my daughter who's 10 months, so during the day it's full of...everything, all over the floor . I don't mind of course, we don't live in a museum. At night, I put everything in a corner, trying to organize the space for our evenings with our son who's 16 years old. Now that I saw your post on baskets, [here] I am thinking about using some of those to put the toys & co there at night. Would you have pictures to inspire me on that project?
Thank you"

This was my answer:

"Hi there Martine! Thanks for leaving your question. I definitely think the solution to your problem is to purchase a big trunk like basket with a lid on it. You can not only store all your daughter's toys but once it's closed you can add a cushion to fit the size and use it to sit down. Baskets are quite sturdy and will easily take the weight. I believe it will look great in your family playroom. I've seen pics of this kind of basket but give me a little time to put them together and as soon as I can I will post them."

So, I've put some pics together which I hope will give you some inspiration! Please let me know.

Here's a nice basket used as a side table, I don't think you can sit on it though!

Two medium sized baskets put together as a coffee table would be another solution.

I guess the smaller toys could fit in these baskets. Same goes for next pic.


There's room enough for big and small toys here.


livingetc and justblueandgreen

How about some good old wood trunks? I think they look handsome and there is tons of room in them!


Or a trunk and a basket!
Kelly McGuill


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  1. this blog is perfect and I love you

  2. your blog is beautiful. thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures!
    have a sweet day,

  3. I love your ideas - just have to be careful with trunks, toys, and little ones that might crawl in there.

  4. Hi Laura, yes you're right! And you have to watch them so that they don't catch their little fingers with them. Or fall off and bump their heads! With little ones you can't be too careful!

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. I love trunks. They are so useful and not just for toys. You can store table linen etc as well. Nice photos!


  6. Hi Nadine! Sure, you can keep almost anything in trunks. I have three big ones: one is full of costumes for the kids to dress up, another has old magazines, schoolbooks, my kids first copybooks, folders and other paper stuff, then in the third one I store all my outdated computer doodahs which I think I should get rid of, but my husband doesn't.
    In this post I was specifically answering a reader's question about where to put away her daughter's toys in the living room. This is why I only mentioned toys!

    Thanks so much for your comment Nadine!


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