Thursday 22 October 2009

Interior Designer Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan is my favourite interior designer. Her rooms, brimming with exceptional grace, originality and clarity are pure eye candy.

Based in Manhattan, she designed this house on the waterfront on Nantucket, the island off the coast of Massachusetts.

The interior is elegant but informal. Sophisticated but youthful. She used a restricted palette—white, blue and brown—which adds serenity.

Let's take our shoes off and step inside this lovely home!

My all time favourite kitchen.

I'd love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to leave your comment in any language. (I can always use a text translator!)

All images from Architectural Digest.

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  1. wow that place is amazing!! That bathroom makes me drool... lol

  2. Wow your designs are amazing!

  3. absolutely amazing...
    i love ur inspirance

    greeting from hamburg


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