Tuesday 6 October 2009

Luxury Residence

Good morning sunshines! First things first: I want to thank and give a warm welcome to all my blog followers!

I usually show you pictures of small, cozy houses. Cottage houses which are warm and welcoming. Well, today I feel like Cinderella and my fairy godmother has sent me over here with her magic wand.

You can find more images and further information on this residence here.

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  1. jaja me encanta la deocracion, el diseño y todo lo que tenga que ver con el arte, gracias por pasarte por mi blog, antes te escribi en ingle spor que crei que era pagina de EE.UU jaja Besos!

  2. that's not cozy, that's humungas!!! love it tho, seeing how the other people live!

  3. Not sure if I could live in a place that, has no comfort also seems a bit over the top extravagant,
    do you think my cats would be happy in a place like this.

  4. Hi Life in Egypt! I think your cats would loooove running around these rooms and skid on the shiny floors!

    I could never live in a place like that! It's much too extravagant as you say. Only if I were Cinderella and had to attend the ball to meet my enchanted Prince.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment! It's much appreciated!



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