Thursday, 18 February 2010

Summer House on the Mediterranean

Last night we were out for a walk. It had been raining a little during the day so we were enjoying some fresh air, the smell of wet grass. Everything perfect and peaceful. Suddenly we heard an extremely loud sizzling noise right ahead of us. The first thing I thought was, oh, yes, fireworks celebrating a goal for one of the Brazilian football teams, wich is very common here. But immedeately afterwards we heard a loud crash on the ground right in front of us. Ohhh that made me jump out of my skin! It was a massive branch (the size of a big tree) that had fallen some 10 meters ahead of us. What impressed me most was the deafening noise. Nobody was hurt and I'm glad we were just strolling and not walking rapidly, otherwise we would have been squashed like two clueless frogs trying to cross a highway. Shudder!

So, to calm my nerves down a bit, (nah, just kidding, when I was certain everyone was ok I realized what an awesome moment it had been!), I need something soothing like looking out to the sea from the terrace of this breezy summer house in Spain. A stunning view, simple decorating in white and blue, stipes, nautical touches, rattan and easy to clean tiled floors.

Have a great day, keep your hat on, and beware the Jabberwock and those angry branches!

All images from here.

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  1. What is it about these blues? I have never been a blue girl but I am suddenly drawn to them when they are paired with crisp white. Thanks for sharing

  2. Stunning home. I'd love to spend the summer there.

    Good thing you were strolling!! you'd have had a branch on your head. :O

  3. Hi Kifus...:-( per fortuna che passeggiavi e non camminavi veloce... :-) ....
    Per tranquillizzarci è meglio che ci riposiamo un pò, all'ombra di questa terrazza ( molto bella e rassenerante ) !
    Grazie per i tuoi complimenti nel mio blog :-))


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