Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Choose your House Number!

I found these house numbers at This Old House. Which one would you pick for your house?

1. Wrought iron. A metal grape vine with hammered iron numbers adds a soft touch when set against a rugged stone house:

metal grape vine with hammered iron numbers

2. Found object. Brass numbers mounted on an antique wooden mold create a one-of-a-kind house marker:

Brass numbers mounted on antique wooden mold

3. Traditional placard. An arched black plate with brass numbers looms large without overwhelming:

arched black plate with brass numbers

4. Stained glass. Numbers incorporated into a decorative art-glass transom dress up a 19th-century door surround:

art-glass transom dress

5. Fade-resistant sunflowers frame easy-to-read Art Nouveau-style tiles in this high-fired ceramic address plaque:

Art Nouveau-style tiles in high-fired ceramic address plaque

6. Spanish Revival. Hand-painted flourishes in yellow and blue give these ceramic tiles a Mediterranean accent:

Hand-painted ceramic tiles

7. A carved and gilded wooden plaque states its case elegantly, without fuss or fanfare:

carved and gilded wooden plaque

8. Feminine scrolls give these raised brass numerals an added dimension:

raised brass house numbers

The one we have at home in Argentina is something like #6. We bought them in the beautiful city of Guanajuato in Mexico.

I selected just a few for this post but there are some more house numbers at This Old House.

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  1. For my style house, I think I'd pick #7. Very simple, yet elegant.

  2. Well, I think all numbers should look the same in the same town or at least district. That makes them more visible. I like nr 3, 'cause it recalls the street name, but suitable at the street corner...
    Yours is quite nice in a Spanish culture country like Argentina but it would be completely out of place in the little town where I live (too mediterranean)
    See you soon !

  3. ... però quello che ho appeso furi la parete di casa mia è come il 518.
    xoxo Myriam

  4. Traditional Placard would suit my house the best. All of them are great.

  5. Thanks all of you for your answers! I love knowing what each of you like or dislike!

    JFF I swear I try to open your blog every single day and I still can't! I even tried on three different computers and nothing. I'm going to ask my sister to try for me so you might be getting a comment from her soon!

    Hope you are doing fine!

  6. Yes!!
    A big kisses in you heart!

  7. Black and white is a classic color scheme for a house number plaque, but consider the colors in your home's exterior. Perhaps your house number plaque would look better in blue on white, yellow on black, or even something a little wild like orange on blue. You can use your house number plaque to show the colors of a favorite sports team, coordinate with your garden, or match your car.


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