Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Apartment in Sweden

We've been looking at so many houses that I think it's time for an apartment today. This one is in Nordhemsgatan hill, Linnéstaden in Sweden. It's from a real estate firm and I guess it has been staged to sell. Even so, I find it youthful and attractive. Let me know what you think!

The bedroom is airy and breathable harmony
I like the barrel for a night table.

Storage Solutions can easily spot

Dining may be a natural place at the windows

Wide plasterwork and beautiful takrosett ...

From the hall you reach the apartment all rooms

Spotlights provide good lighting

Room for a proper dining

Few can boast the plasterwork in the kitchen

Curl up with a good book and enjoy the silence ...

An own entrance leading up to the apartment
This would be the entrance to the apartment and not the main entrance of the building. They could have swept the pavement before taking this pic. There's a nail and tidbits on the pavement hehe. I don't quite like the bathroom so I'm not including it in this post but if you'd like to see it go straight ahead to the real estate site Alvhem right here.

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  1. Hello Kifus,
    la Svezia ? No, proprio no...troppo freddo l'ambiente e troppo fredde e bianche le case ed i componenti dei mobili !
    Preferisco la Spagna e U.S.
    xoxo Myriam :-)

  2. Love the entryway... even with that little nail and tidbits. ;)


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