Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Italian Decorating

Good morning dear readers. Come and have a look at this Italian house from the 19th century in Padova region. Designed by Marina Sinibaldi and photographs by Bernard Touillon.

Un lieu entre deux

Direction La Chiesuola

Cuisine audacieuse

Cuisine design, rappel d'antan

Atmosphère épurée dans le salon

Au coin du feu

Humeur rose

Escaliers soignés
Beware the ghost snail.

Douce chambre
More photographs right here.

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  1. If anyone could tell me why I like inside shutters or blinds, I'd be glad ! Just like the ones on the last picture.
    Same bedroom : finally seeing the electric wires doesn't matter, if the rest of the room is ok, no ?
    Thank you Kifus !

  2. Hi JFF, I still cannot access your blog. Network timeout and Page Load Error is all I get when I try. It's quite frustrating as I have no idea why. Of course I'll keep trying. Is it only me or have any other of your readers had the same trouble?

    Thanks for your lovely comments!

  3. Love the style of this house! Beautiful exterior and interior!

  4. Amazing. A little bit of heaven on earth, huh?


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