Monday, 22 February 2010

Small Summer House in Spain

Hello dear readers. Had a nice weekend?
After the grandeur of the château in France of my previous post, let's enjoy a simple beach house in the North of Spain. Soft palette, some white painted furniture and clean lines define this unfussy home.

All images from here.

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  1. C'est très jolie la maison et tes photos sont super!

  2. Unfussy yes, and I love the kitchen and the photo of the trunk with the birdcage and plant but sometimes this minimalist look leaves me feeling like who lives here? A house needs a personality to be a home. Perhaps you disagree and I hope I haven't offended it is just something that has been lurking in my mind lately.

  3. I love the sage green color. I am thinking of painting my bathroom that color.

  4. Does a handsome Spanish man come with the home?

  5. Thanks Marta and all of you for you comments!

    To Becolorful: no problem, I'm glad at least you liked some of the photographs! If at least one room or detail has inspired someone, then my mission has been accomplished!

    To Carmie: actually, they say Antonio Banderas stops by now and then ;)

    To Pam: I'd love to see the before and after of your bathroom!


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