Sunday, 28 February 2010

House in Argentina

Sunday reminds me of barbecues in Argentina. So, it's a good day to post pictures of this colonial style house typical of the Argentine Pampas: pinewood floors in some of the rooms, checkered black and white in others, furniture made of wood and cast iron lamps. Sofía Figueroa Bunge decorated the interiors.

Just by the entrance door there's a rack for ponchos. (Note to hubby: we could add glass panes and wrought iron to our front doors, something like these).

The owners display their collection of ponchos in the dining room.

Photographer: Santiago Ciuffo
All images from Espacio Living.

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  1. I find myself drawn to this home...not my style, but for some reason it me in a nother

  2. Hi Kifus,
    molto bella questa casa argentina... ho trovato molto interessanti le sedie !
    Felice settimana :-)

  3. Try in French :
    Belle harmonie extérieur-intérieur.
    Le style hispanique discret des façades se retrouve avec classe dans les teintes intérieures avec cette magnifique collection de ponchos. Moi aussi je me suis vu dans cette demeure, surtout la salle de séjour, très paisible, d'une élégance rassurante.
    Il y a du travail avant que ma maison ressemble à ça !
    Merci, à bientôt, kifus !

  4. Thanks for your comments Tami, Myriam and JFF.

    Loved your comment in French JFF and I uderstood it all!

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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