Saturday, 13 February 2010

Florida Beach Cottage

Today we'll have a look at interior designer's JoAnn Barwick's home in Florida. I have mixed feelings about the decoration of this house. On the one hand you know I love white rooms, and in this case combined with soft blues they're awesome.

I look at these rooms and I think oh yes, I like it, and I like this other one, and this one too, I like them all in fact! But then I reflect that they are all exactly the same! I mean, throughout the whole house you find the same colours and textures. Individually they are beautiful, for sure. But I imagine going into one room and thinking, ok where am I? The living room? Oh no, it's the bedroom! Or is it??

Is it only me or do you get the same impression?

Come and see for yourselves and let me know!

Light, painted furniture goes hand in hand with low-maintenance, casual textiles suitable for a cottage at the beach

A second sitting area in the living room, whose boundary is defined by the blue-and-white toile slipcovered chair, is just around the corner from the main window-front area. The sectional sofa and overscale ottoman ensure comfort.

The glass shelves allow the built-in lighting at the top of the cabinet to shine throughout JoAnn’s displays of coral, shells, and ceramics.

Bathers by Andrew Gittleson tops a painted chest across from the sectional.

Antique faience chargers are displayed above a painted bench and table.

Love this dining room!

An octagonal gazebo looking out to the splendid garden.

The ceiling of the gazebo is painted a soft robin’s-egg blue, which contrasts with the brighter all-weather-fabric striped curtains that include a dash of sunny yellow.

Rockers on the wrap around porch.

Stripes, checks, florals, and a toile mix serenely in the blue and white palette.

The bedroom’s antique Chinese bamboo cabinet and newer bamboo coffee table are the only unpainted wood furnishings in the home.

Even the antique carpet balls on the bamboo coffee table are blue and white.

All images and information from Traditional Home.

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  1. Not just the inside is all the same but the outside as well. It is pretty and soothing but maybe a bit too much that way. I would feel like if I was dressed in red or pink I couldn't sit down in a room.

  2. Oh, combien d'idées de combinaisons de blanc et bleu! On peut copier certains ou on peut tout simplement y rêver, comme tu le disais...

  3. I think I have to agree. A little too matchy-matchy for me, but it is pretty. It's totally the opposite of our house where NOTHING matches! Ha ha!

    Hope you are feeling well!

  4. No imagination. Boring, bland and repetative.
    Sorry... but it's too twee! No soul. Does anyone actually live in this house? Ahhhh maybe it's a show home! ;)

  5. Maybe a little variation in color wouldn't hurt. Even if she wanted to stick with blue/white, but maybe used a few more blues? something to mix it up.

    The layout of the house, though? Lovely. And all that bright white light? heavenly.

  6. Hey, anonymous your comment made me laugh! And somebody does live in this house. Actually it's JoAnn Barwick who is an interior designer and she designed her own home.

    Thanks all of you for your comments!

  7. Where can I find a print of the painting "Bathers" by Andrew Gittleson?

    1. I'm afraid I don't know. You might find out if you google it!


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