Friday, 5 February 2010

House in Jamaica

Aruba, Jamaica oooh I wanna take ya, to Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama! Remember the Beach Boys summer song Kokomo? Well, if you do, sing it in your head (or out loud why not!), while looking at this 250-year-old home on Jamaica’s north shore.

Rainwater runs off the roof and funnels into catchments, supplying the house’s water.
The authenticity of the materials on this house’s exterior―from centuries-old limestone to classic cedar shingles―give it true island charm. Rainwater runs off the roof and funnels into catchments, supplying the house’s water.

The window’s old brass curtain rod “came in handy when I had some Italian friends staying with me,” painter and homeowner Graham Davis says. “They draped fresh pasta right over it.”
In the kitchen, pickled wood covers the walls and ceiling. I like the window’s old brass curtain rod.

When he purchased the house the upstairs was unusable, even for storage. After making the long-overdue repairs, Graham converted the space into a master suite.
The master bedroom with tricky angles. The owner is going to bump his head if he leans back!

“I never tire of painting the house and its contents,” Graham says.
Love the diluted terra cotta-coloured paint on the dining room walls.

Each room could be viewed as a painting that has grown rich with brushstrokes laid down over decades.

Graham coated the Adirondacks in purple paint to match the surrounding agapanthus lilies and mimic his vivid artwork.
The porch chairs were painted to match the Agapanthus in the garden.

Photographer Sophie Munro.

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  1. La foto n° 3 mi è piaciuta molto... la scala tutta in legno ed il tetto.
    Molto bello, amo molto i colori caldi e sopratutto queste strutture così povere.-
    A smile for you :-)

  2. In the same photo, have you noticed the hat collection ? beautiful and spacious bedroom with books.
    A room without a bookshelf is like euh....a day without sun lol

  3. how beautiful with my favorite being the pickle wood cabinets and the purple chairs on the porch

  4. That home just tickles my design bone! I LOVE it...the ceilings, the age, the pride.Just gorgeous. Thanks for that!


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