Thursday, 4 February 2010

Photographer Francois Halard

One of the photographs in yesterday's post (the very last one in fact) belongs to French photographer Francois Halard who is now based in New York. I selected some of his very fine work for you to enjoy.

More images right here.

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  1. The room on picture 4 is so clean,simple and fresh...this style is perfect for me!
    The bathroom on the last one is sooooo nice!
    Have a nice day

    PS: I understand you speak and/or read should do a post in french with some really french style interiors one day ;-)

  2. I love the bedroom! O my! The all white scares me a little. LOL

  3. Loved the white bathroom!! but I guess without the flowers it wouldnt be that nice :P

  4. Love the pictures all!
    Your blog is amazing beautiful and inspiring!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I don't like bathtubs so much (do men prefer showers in general ?) unless they have an antique look. That's why pic nr 1 is my favourite - and it seems it was shot somewhere in Provence...
    No idea why you cant get to my blog. When I try from my name on my comments on yours, it leads me direct to it. You may also try via google (I'm pretty sure you did).
    Over blog has just set a new thing similar to an extra banner, maybe they were working on it every time you tried ?
    Glad to talk to you !
    Have a nice week end !


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