Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Flea Market House

Hello sweeties! Let's see Miss Hollie Wood's house in Park Circle. Most of the things in her home are not only flea market finds. She has also picked up things she found dumped on the side of the road.

Come and see if you like it!

 In the guest room, Hollie paired a “favorite dresser” she picked up for $30 with an old dress form and overstuffed armchair. As for the wallpaper, “The real estate agent said, ‘I’m sure you’ll tear it down as soon as you get a chance,’ and I said, ‘No way, that’s the best part!’” recalls Hollie.

 A worn turquoise side table bought off the back of a truck in Columbia.

 Hollie found this discarded wooden sign in a trash heap along Upper King Street, cleaned it up, and hung it on the wall in her kitchen. Nearby, the dining area is outfitted in old iron furniture.
The Deviled Crab sign was found among a pile of trash.

A chenille bedspread dresses the 19th-century, hand-carved sleigh bed Hollie received from her mother as a Christmas present. The shades feature a screen-printed peacock pattern.

An old sewing table-turned-kitchen-island anchors a petite and sunny cookspace.

All images from Charleston Home Mag.
Photographs by Brie Williams

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  1. Oh I love the eclectic look of the house! So pretty!!!

  2. What a great house. Love the decorating. I could live there.

  3. A great blog, have just found your blog today. Will check on you regularly.

  4. The second picture caught my eye!! What a beautiful still life!!!

  5. Lovely.

    Shirley Woods

  6. The first image caught my eye. I think it was the dress form that pulled me right in. Pastoral and pretty.

  7. her home is even more lovely in person! i was lucky enough to catch a peak this past holiday season!


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